Families of Thailand


Meet Rakkiaet, age ten, who lives with his family along a canal in Bangkok. Akeem is seven, and lives along the coast of the Andian Sea.

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0000211_Thailand1Rakkiaet, age ten, lives with his family along a canal in Bangkok. We watch his mother cook at 5 AM and give some of the food to the Buddhist monks who arrive at their dock. Rakkiaet takes a water taxi to school, where we observe opening exercises, classes and the noon lunch. His mother takes her boat to buy groceries at the floating market. His father sells noodle soup from his boat and his brother runs a water taxi.

Seven-year-old Akeem lives with his family along the coast of the Andian Sea. His father, who dives for tropical fish to sell for aquariums, stays close to home, because they have a two-week-old baby. We see Akeem’s mother cook and bathe the baby and his father mend a shirt, bring water, and hang clothes to dry. We follow Akeem to school and watch him play and swim with his friends.

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