Families of Russia


Nicolai lives in a small village. He attends school and watches his father chop wood for the family’s banya, a kind of sauna. Anya goes to school and then to gymnastics class. Later, she practices piano and she loves gymnastics so much, she practices in the family living room.

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0000202_Russia1Nicolai, age ten, lives with his family in a small village called Retkino. His grandmother takes care of Nicolai and his brother when his parents are at work. We follow Nicolai to school, his mother at work in a hospital and his father, an electrician, who climbs a pole to change a burned-out street light. Watch Nicolai’s father cut wood and heat water for the family’s banya, a kind of sauna.

Seven-year-old Anya lives with her family in Nizhny Novgorod. We follow her to the first shift of school, which is in the morning (her brother goes to the afternoon shift) and to her gymnastics class. Later, at home, she practices piano and even more gymnastics on rings and bars in the family’s living room.


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