Families of Mexico – 1


Hermaina’s father owns an advertising agency and her mother teaches a dance class. Hermaina goes to school and enjoys a swimming lesson. Brizia and her family help make tamales, harvest cactus for salad and sort sesame seeds. Her family visits a a vanilla farm, an Earth Day parade and the ancient site of El Tajin.

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0001290_Mexico1Hermaina, age five, and her family live in the port city of Veracruz. Hermaina’s father and mother own an advertising agency, which her father manages. We see her mother teach a dance class at the city’s cultural center, go grocery shopping, visit Hermaina’s school and follow her to her swimming lesson.

Eight-year-old Brizia and her parents and brother live with her grandparents on their farm. Visit her school and the surrounding farms owned by her aunts and uncles who are making tamales, harvesting cactus for salad, and sorting sesame seeds. Follow her family to a vanilla farm and an Earth Day parade in Papantla. Then visit the ancient site of El Tajin.


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