Families of Italy


Meet Veronica who helps on her family farm; and 10-year-old Luigi whose family has an olive oil business.

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0001246_Italy1Fourteen-year-old Veronica lives on a farm south of Naples, Italy, where her family raises sheep. Watch them make sheep’s milk cheese and deliver it to customers. Visit the 2,600-year-old city of Paestum, accompany the family to Solerno to see the city’s famous Christmas light displays, and walk through the restored town of Pompeii, which had been buried by a volcanic eruption.

Luigi, age ten, lives in Olevano sul Tusciano in a building that also houses his family’s olive oil business. Learn how olive oil is pressed and see how the family makes fresh homemade pizzas. Visit Luigi’s school, as well as the cemetery, where his family visits graves on the Day of the Dead. Accompany the town folks on their festive pilgrimage to the seventh-century grotto of Michael, the Archangel, in a mountain high above the town.


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