Families of Germany


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0000168_Germany1Sophia is seven-years-old and lives with her family near Marburg, where Grimm’s fairy tales were written. Visit the castle that might remind you of some fairytale stories and a farm where Sophia helps. Then follow Sophia to her third-grade class and to a fund-raiser for a sick student, attend her guitar lesson and then her sister’s gospel choir concert.

Sophia visits a real castle, then helps with a class fundraiser for a sick student, practices guitar and attends her sister’s gospel choir concert. Ole and his family go to a Halloween Boy Scout cookout, then he goes trick or treating, practices handball, takes care of his turtles and visit an animal museum.

Ole, age ten, lives in Berlin with his parents and two brothers. The family goes to a Halloween Boy Scout cookout at a park that used to be a landfill, then goes trick or treating and takes the light rail downtown, where they see a man making huge bubbles. We follow Ole to school and handball practice, see him take care of his turtles, and visit the animal museum where his mother works.

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