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Families of Costa Rica


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Estibaliz attends classes, does chores and walks to an island cemetery, then attends a soccer game and a dance.

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0001295_CostaRica1Ten-Year-Old Estibaliz lives in Cabuya. Follow her to school and be part of her classes. Her father is a janitor at a lux resort. Her mother cleans houses for a living. After school, watch Estibaliz do chores and study with her mother. The next day, walk with her to a nearby is land with a cemetery on it. The island becomes unreachable when the tide is high. Later, enjoy an exciting soccer game, followed by a community dance.

Jose, a ten-year-old-boy, lives in Escazu, near the capital of San Jose, with his parents and three-year-old brother. Accompany Jose to school where he conducts science experiments and practices soccer. Take in the colorful local market with his mother and visit the family as they eat sushi made by the family’s housekeeper.




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